With over 54,000 users and more than 4,100 satisfied customers, soft-nrg Development GmbH is one of the world's leading vendors of software solutions and services for car dealerships.

The portfolio of products and services supports processes that, on the one hand, boost customer satisfaction and loyalty and, on the other, optimize business workflows in dealerships and thus increase profits.

Founded in 1997, soft-nrg works closely with all the world's well-known car manufacturers, ensuring that all software solutions and manufacturer-specific solutions are fully compatible with quality standards and manufacturers' guidelines.

All of the software products have a modular structure, which means they can be integrated quickly and reliably into existing or planned IT structures. They can also be adapted to suit changing organizational structures, thus offering dealerships an extremely high level of investment security and future proofing. Compatibility with all widely used dealership management systems (DMSs) and a wide range of internal and external interfaces deliver marked improvements in efficiency across all departments right from the outset.

The SOFT-SOLUTIONS product line offers software modules and interfaces that optimize process steps such as appointment planning, workshop management, parts management, fleet management, customer relationship management, business organization and analysis. Many of our products may already be known to you as manufacturer-specific solutions by another name.

The SOFT-SERVICES division offers associated, complementary services such as custom software development, customization, consulting, training, a hotline, support and trainer certification.