With the experience and knowledge we have gained from over 20 years of software development for leading car manufacturers and over 3,900 dealerships, we also offer dealerships and dealership groups customized software solutions designed to optimize processes and enhance customer communication on favorable terms and conditions.

This may involve the further development of an existing soft-nrg module or the development of a custom solution. The quality of all of the software we develop is assessed on the basis of six criteria: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, adaptability and integration capability (with your DMS, for example). Software developed by soft-lab undergoes a standardized development process that brings substantial benefits to our customers in terms of both quality and cost.

We form a project and quality assurance plan for every project we undertake for our customers. We work closely with the customer on the project plan to define the project, set the objectives and specify the different phases of development (milestones). Quality-assurance measures are integrated right from the outset, ensuring seamless communication and efficient progress in a variety of ways.